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We will make an eCommerce to automate your sales.

Nowadays selling and doing business online is a muss and eCommerce is one of the solution that takes your business above the par in online selling. eCommerce is a web site that able your business to sell almost any types of item from physical to services.

Beside make selling easier, it can make your business grow faster as it works as your shop but will never close, automated and receive money faster then you sell it in another way.

Our outlook for your eCommerce website.

We herewith will progress your website with exceptional features.

Content Management

By using WordPress CMS, content update is easy and can be done by yourself. No technical knowledge needed, it just drag-and-drop.

Sell Anything

You can sell almost everything from physical, digital or even service in your online store. Just add the product and give it price.

Order Management

Manage every order by using step-by-step status from the beginning client pay to you till the item is delivered easily.

Shipping and Tracking

Shipping can be charge as you need. You will be able to use multiple shipping and add tracking code to every order.

Payment Gateway

More than 100+ payment gateway over the world ready to be used with your store. Multiple payment gateways is ready.

Report & Analytics

Extensive reporting data for your eCommerce to assure post mortem and improvement can be done from time to time.

Inventory Management

Get tracked all item in your store. Every in and out of item stock can be recorded and synced with your eCommerce store.

Dynamic Price & Discount

Just prepare your pricing plan for marketing, your eCommerce store can handle most of the pricing style you need.

Social Media Intergration

eCommerce store also comes with automation to sync all of your store time to  Google Ads and Facebook Page Store.
All features above will be covered in all package.

Our eCommerce design and development packages & pricing.

Our aim has always been to offer the best job. Our package will come with your happiness.

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The inquiry we regularly get.

Here some of the questions that we always receive and possibly you will ask too.

Can I update my website content myself?

Yes, you will be able to update the content by yourself. We will prepare some tutorial so it may help you to make it done and right.

How long does it need to finish a website?

We can make it completed as quickly as one week (depending on the plan). Most of the time, our client takes about one month as it depending on how speedy you can provide us with the content needed.

What covered in basic and standard SEO?

Basic and standard plan will cover on-page SEO such as title, meta descriptions and many more. We will assure the content is supporting the structure to make the site available to be crawl by Google and other search engines.

Can I customize your plan?

Yes, you can customize our plan with our website calculator. Pricing on each plan is a more favourable rate than customized.

Question not in the list, ask us now by contacting us!